published by nick
Fri 19 Apr 2019

Finally, I can say that I'm no longer using Feedly for my RSS feeds. Back when google shut down Google Reader, I was sad, and Feedly came along to offer me a service that would make me happy. They would import all my feeds and everything would be swell. Well, it was for a number of years to be honest. Then Feedly started asking me for money, and getting much more annoying about it. Eventually I started thinking to myself I should just host my feeds on my own site. That should be pretty easy right?

Well turns out it is. I found this app called Miniflux and it's been awesome. It even supports the Fever API so I can use my favorite RSS reader on my phone. Reeder.

Getting Miniflux deployed into my swarm cluster was pretty easy. I just mostly copy and pasted the example docker-compose file from the docs. Then I made a couple modifications of my own to satisfy my own needs.

Then using Swarmpit I was able to create a new stack, and then deploy the app to my cluster. I updated my haproxy settings to include this new routing and then I updated my DNS settings to create a new subdomain pointing at my clusters IP address. And voila, which is French for "And then I found out". I now have a RSS feed for me on my own domain using SSL.

Having my own RSS reeder hosted on my own site is making me very excited.

Buying a lawnmower today. Haven’t mowed a lawn in almost a decade. Really excited about some of these new electric mowers.

if I click refresh on the UPS tracking page, that's gonna make my laptop showup faster right?

Kubernetes, where consistency is even less important than understanding.

hello nclug

this move has not been easy on anyone. All we want is some normalcy

Moving is hard on the little one. His routine is all wrong and nothing is right!

I just bought a new house!! I couldn’t be more happy with it.

if I had a delorean I would probably only drive it from time to time.

People said I was dumb, but I proved them!