I am Nick Lang
April 24, 2019

Installing Arch on my Lenovo X1 Extreme

I'm up for a laptop refresh at work, and as usual I got a Lenovo laptop and I'm going to install Arch Linux on it. this time around I'm getting an X1 Extreme. Previously I had the X1 Yoga and before that I had the X1 Carbon. I've run arch …

April 19, 2019


Finally, I can say that I'm no longer using Feedly for my RSS feeds. Back when google shut down Google Reader, I was sad, and Feedly came along to offer me a service that would make me happy. They would import all my feeds and everything would be swell. Well, …

April 16, 2019

Certbot renewal... manually

So today is the day I had to renew my Let's Encrypt certs. Unfortunately, it wasn't as easy as I hoped, and my renewal process isn't going to be as simple as I thought.

Fortunately doing it manually was still simple. I just don't want to have to do …

Jan. 16, 2019

Letsencrypt a wildcard Cert for HAProxy to use in Docker Swarm

Let's encrypt created the ability to create wildcard certs last year (2018). Since I've been working on some Indieweb standard for my site I decided that getting some SSL would be good to have. Especially since I want to write my own auth server for using Indieauth. I …

Jan. 4, 2019

Learning to Love the Keystore

While working on stack-docker I was working on revamping the project to no longer include passwords as environments variables. There have been to many incidents as of late with big companies who have accidentally leaked passwords in log files or tracebacks etc. This got me to thinking we should …

Jan. 4, 2019

Behind the Scenes

So I've been working a lot on this new page behind the scenes. It definately has a lot more going on the backside than on the front side.

I'm hoping that I can use this site as a mechanism to learn some React and get better at JS. But that …

Jan. 4, 2019

My New Site

I've been away from facebook and instagram and the like for so long. I've decided that the next best solution is to create my own website. You can think of this as a personal combination of Facebook/blog/Instagram/Flickr and Twitter.

The homepage will have the latest photos in a …