I am Nick Lang
rss Fri 19 Apr 2019


Finally, I can say that I'm no longer using Feedly for my RSS feeds. Back when google shut down Google Reader, I was sad, and Feedly came along to offer me a service that would make me happy. They would import all my feeds and everything would be swell. Well, it was for a number of years to be honest. Then Feedly started asking me for money, and getting much more annoying about it. Eventually I started thinking to myself I should just host my feeds on my own site. That should be pretty easy right?

Well turns out it is. I found this app called Miniflux and it's been awesome. It even supports the Fever API so I can use my favorite RSS reader on my phone. Reeder.

Getting Miniflux deployed into my swarm cluster was pretty easy. I just mostly copy and pasted the example docker-compose file from the docs. Then I made a couple modifications of my own to satisfy my own needs.

Then using Swarmpit I was able to create a new stack, and then deploy the app to my cluster. I updated my haproxy settings to include this new routing and then I updated my DNS settings to create a new subdomain pointing at my clusters IP address. And voila, which is French for "And then I found out". I now have a RSS feed for me on my own domain using SSL.

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