I am Nick Lang
Mon 13 Jan 2020

Oil Change

So over the weekend I completed my first oil change in my Mustang. I can honestly say it was just as easy as I thought it would be. But the fact that I've never done an oil change before still leaves me a little baffled.

Luckily my friend was willing to come over and play in the garage with me, it's always nicer to do things with a friend than to do them alone.

Couple things of note. 1. Since this is an older engine, using an oil with ZDDP or adding a ZDDP additive to the oil is necessary. 2. Doing an oil flush requires buying double the amount of oil required for the engine. 3. Since it's winter time in Colorado I opted to go with a 5w-20 oil for the car.

First step, heat up the engine a bit to make it a little easier for the old oil to run out. After pulling the plug and draining the oil it was black. This isn't a good sign. I really should be changing the oil quicker and sooner.

After we drained the oil we put the cap back on and then took out the oil filter. This was kind of a pain to get to with the strap wrench. It might be worth spending a bit of money to get a oil filter socket for future oil changes.

Once the oil drained out of the filter we put the new filter back into place. Hand tight. Then filled the engine with the flush oil. This oil was much cheaper than the Royal Purple I intend to leave in the engine.

Next we seal it up and start the engine. Wanted to let the engine get up to operating temps to heat up the oil and really make sure it's moving through the engine and clearing out any debris and gunk that might have built up in the engine.

After about 10 minutes we drained the oil out and then refilled with the real stuff. It's at this point I added the ZDDP additive and I also added some Seafoam engine cleaner as well. After that we replaced the air filter and she was good to go.

AutoZone will recycle your old oil, oil containers as well as your oil filters for free! So I made sure to take all the used old stuff there.

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